Working of water filters

Water filters are one of those things that we use in our daily lives. It has always been viewed as just another thing. We really don’t give much of an important and take it for granted. There are very few who really know what these water purifiers have contributed.

Before buying the water purifiers, there are a few things that need to be done. One of those things is knowing the quality of the water. The quality of water differs from place to place. It is necessary to know the quality of water because it is with that information the water purifier can be decided.

Different types of water require different kinds of water filters. There are very few filters like aquatru water filter that can purify any kind of water. It is better to opt for these kinds of brands as it is not necessary to worry about water quality.

The working process

The water purifiers use various methods to purify water. Some of the purification methods that the purifiers use are the RO reverse osmosis, UV UltraViolet.

The Reverse Osmosis


Reverse osmosis is the of removing the dissolved organic solids in water. The process involves pressurizing the water and making it go through a semi-permeable membrane. When the water passes through a semi-permeable membrane, the impurities are filtered and is flushed out. This might sound simple, but this process involves various stages to get the best quality water.

The reverse osmosis purifiers include various parts such as the inlet valve, pre-filter, the reverse osmosis membrane, post filter, automatic shut off valve, check valve, flow restrictor, storage tank, and the drain or the outlet valve.

UV purifiers

The UltraViolet purification process is one the most commonly used methods to eliminate the microbes like virus and bacteria in the water.  In this process, the water that needs to be purified is exposed to a measured amount of Ultra Violet rays. These ultraviolet rays penetrate through the microorganisms, affect their DNA and totally eliminate them.

Mechanical filters

In the mechanical filtration process, the sediments are physically removed from the water.  This probably is the first process that the water is subjected to before going to other processes. The water is made to pass through filters. The filters have very tiny holes which remove the sediments from the water.

Ion Exchange

This is more of a chemical process. This process involves the elimination of calcium and magnesium ions to soften the hard water. The exchange resin is used to carry out the process. This process is generally used for commercial purposes like coffee machines.

Activated Carbon

The activated carbon purifiers are generally used for commercial purposes. They are used to purify large quantities of water. The activated carbon is a material with very high porosity. It is because of this that the activated carbon is able to absorb all the unwanted materials from the water. The activated is very effective in removing bad odor and bad taste. This why activated carbon is also used in air purifiers.

How to design skateboards to handle a variety of different terrains?

The skateboarding is a very popular sport that is played in most parts of the world. Therefore, the skateboard manufacturers try to prepare the top quality boards to provide excellent performance to the skateboarders. Designing a skateboard is a very serious profession and you need to carefully prepare a design that is capable of handling a variety of different terrains.

We have analyzed the production quality of top skateboard manufacturers to bring this helpful information to you. During this analysis, we tried to figure out the elements that different manufacturers use to improve the production quality of their skateboarders. And finally, we found many helpful things that we are going to share in this article.

We also arranged several interviews with the skateboard manufacturers to bring the most authentic information to you. We guarantee you that if you followed our instructions to design the perfect skateboards, you’ll be able to achieve the expectations of your clients. Here are the important tips that you can use to design the skateboards that are capable of handling a variety of different terrains.


The material used in the production of a skateboard plays an important role in improving the quality of the skateboard. Most of the skateboards are made of wood but there are several other materials that can be used in the production of skateboards. Fiberglass, foam, nylon, aluminum, Plexiglas, and other artificial materials are used in the production of skateboards.

The screenprinting is used to decorate these materials. If you are looking to make the extreme quality skateboard deck, then you must use the high-quality wood for this purpose or you may choose the aluminum as well.


The skateboard wheels, trucks, and decks are designed according to the need of a particular area where the skateboard is supposed to be used. For example, if you are looking to design a skateboard for the uphill terrains, then you must consider using the extreme quality wheels in it. Otherwise, it won’t survive for a very long time.

However, if you are looking to design a skateboard for a variety of different terrains, you must make sure that the material you are using to design the decks, trucks, and wheels of the skateboard is extremely powerful and flexible.


The flexibility is another important feature that must be added to the skateboard so that it may work perfectly in different situations. The flexibility is the feature that helps in successfully moving the skateboard on different terrains without any kind of problem. So, you must make sure that the material you are using in the production of the skateboard is really flexible. Click Here and take a look at some other tips on how to design skateboards for a variety of different terrains.