Design Tips to Improve Safety in Our city’s Streets

The streets in our cities are mostly safe but there are some streets that need a little modification to provide proper safety to the people and vehicles that are moving on them. The safety is the major concern of the higher authorities when they are designing the structure of different streets for a city. The design of the streets can be different in different locations depending on the preferences of the people that are living in that location.

However, there are some basic design standards that can never change even if you go to the mars. Today, we are going to talk about the standard design tips as they will help in improving the safety in your streets. If you have not yet applied these tips to your streets, then it’s time to step forward because these tips would help you make sure that your kids will stay safe when they are on the roads.

Here are some basic design tips that can help improve the safety in our city’s streets.


Whether your streets remain engaged with the vehicles or not, you should consider adding a footpath to every street so that the pedestrians can easily walk on the footpath without any fear of suffering from an accident. The footpaths are usually made at an average height. Thus, the vehicles cannot get over the footpath. However, if you can’t manage to build the footpath at the height, then you should paint the borders of the footpath in a way that the drivers may easily see them when they are driving in the streets.

Zebra crossing

The zebra crossing is usually designed on the busy roads so that the pedestrians can easily cross the road. However, there is no harm in adding a zebra crossing to your city’s streets. The zebra crossing may provide extreme safety to the drivers and the pedestrians. The drivers may also suffer from a lot of trouble if a pedestrian gets hit by their car. Therefore, they would also appreciate the addition of zebra crossing in the city’s streets.

Convex safety mirrors

The convex safety mirrors can also be installed in the streets where accidents are very common. There are some streets where vehicle usually crash when they are turning at a particular angle. Therefore, the higher authorities should implement the convex safety mirrors on the corners of these streets so that the driver may see the vehicles that are coming from the other part of the road. Thus, these mirrors may contribute in avoiding accidents on those streets.


The signboards can also be applied in the streets if there is a school in the street. So, the drivers may carefully drive when they are in these streets. Thus, the risks of the accidents can be reduced a lot.