Best Percolator Bongs For The Cash

  Here are some best percolator bongs of the year


Twofold 10-arm Percolator Beaker Base 5mm Glass Tube By Grace Glass


This one is for the smokers than need to add up to dispersion, additional cooling, and a super cool looking bong. Not exclusively does this bong accompany two 10-arm tree percolators, it additionally accompanies a 5-arm diffuser on the downstem. This isn’t something that was promoted so it was an entire shock and a decent one at that!

The bong itself is produced using heat verification borosilicate glass and is 5mm thick. Ensure you deal with this one, as those 20-arms could break if thumped or dropped sufficiently hard.

The filtration and dissemination on this piece are crazy. Tears are the smoothest, silkiest and most delicious hits that have been experienced.

The huge drawback with this bong, however, is the trouble that you will have cleaning it. Because of the outline, it makes it difficult to clean, on the off chance that you continue on any way you have a fabulous piece that will furnish you with actually the cleanest hits you’ll experience.


First class Beaker Base 6-arm Percolator Tube by Black Leaf


This bong is a greater amount of a redesign of the last bong in this rundown. It highlights a 6-arm percolator. Where this bong varies.

The base might be littler than anticipated, however, it is tough and it holds a nice measure of water. The bowl is colossal, you can fit a huge measure of herb in there. This isn’t a terrible thing, however, I would utilize a screen to spare any bud falling through the opening. Cleaning is super simple, include your cleaner and shake away.

The tree percolator is a genuine delight. Simply light her up and watch the smoke fill. The smoke that is created through this thing is recently smooth which is why we named it best bong of the year. No different words can depict it, it is recently smooth.


The sprinkle monitor guarantees that no water enters your mouth when you’re toking. Tear as hard as you can with this thing, put stock in me, all you will get is hacking fits.


Stax Ursus Bong by Grav Labs – Scientific Glass – 14 Inches

Most bongs are likely hard to clean. As a rule, a bong that experiences constant utilize tends to gather gunk that can be amazingly hard to get freed, particularly for percolator bongs that are… of lesser quality. Produced using high-review research center quality borosilicate glass, it includes a stand-out removable showerhead downstem that adequately smoothens and cools each puff. It additionally highlights a 90-degree point spill-and-backlash-sealed mouthpiece that is likewise removable. The entire is set into a total nine-inch measuring glass based inset with implicit channel bowl. On the off chance that simple tidy up is what you’re after, this is the bong for your buck!


Smellchecker Stemless Glass Tube with Inline Percolator by Weed Star

Weed Star have made a superb bong here. Produced using superb borosilicate glass and with an inherent precooler, this bong gives smooth hits that will send you to space. A few people have griped that ice indents inside this bong are too little and ice was failing to work out, however, the producer has now made the scores considerably greater so this isn’t an issue. It’s anything but difficult to perfect, well made and phenomenal incentive for cash.  This can be expensive, and examples can be found here.

The smaller than usual 6-opening inline percolator functions admirably and gives insignificant drag and just upgrades the smoothness of the draw.

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