What are the costs of Double Glazing: comparing the US and the UK market

Double glazing (also known as insulated glass) inevitably became a building standard for most residential and commercial properties around the world. The main advantage of this type of glass construction is a better heat regulation, both during the winter and the summer.

If you thought about installing insulated glass in your home, did you find out about the costs of such service? In case you didn’t, we did it for you! Here are some of the usual factors that determine the prices of double glazing service.

The size of project

It’s no secret that the price of any service depends on the quantity involved. In this case, the more windows you need to replace, the costs will be higher. Or it might seem like it. If you’re thinking in the long run, the prices can be lower if you decide to install the windows for the whole house. Not to mention that it will save more on your electricity bills – on average, you can put aside a $200-$300 per year.

Another thing that can set the price for double glazing is whether you’re doing an unfinished project (like repairing or replacement of just one window) or you’re doing a full-size project. Logically, it would cost much higher if you decide to take out all the windows and replace them at once.

The style of the house

Although it might seem strange, the style of the house can also affect the costs of double glazing. For example, if your home is built to resemble a particular form from the past it might be more costly for you to replace your windows. On the other hand, if your house contains a lot of windows the costs of double glazing will be much higher than with the house that has a couple of windows.

You should also consider the fact that there are windows with unique features like decorated frames. The replacement of this kind of windows might be slightly over your budget because of those unique features they come with.

The marketplace

Technical details about every project alone can bring a difference in the price, but for the most part, the marketplace gets to decide how much a double glazing will cost. When comparing the prices in the US and the UK market, we can see a lot of differences. For example, the US contractors deal with the fierce competition whereas the contractors in the UK are facing somewhat lighter game in the country but tougher locally. If you would like to know the answer to the specific question about costs, like What are the prices of Double Glazing in Glasgow? Or What are the costs of Double Glazing in Newark, you should perform a little research via Google. There are a lot of reviews for local glass repairing service companies, so make sure you check them out.