Garage Lighting Ideas – Gentle Giants Guide

The garage is one of the places in the house where we miss out big time when it comes to lighting. Don’t know the reason why homeowners never seem to give much of importance when it comes to the lighting in the garage. Lighting the garage is not just about the looks, it is also important when we consider the safety aspects.

We all know that a garage is a place that is prone to accidents. Not having proper lighting actually increases the possibility of accidents. It is important that the lighting in the garage must be done according to the requirement. If you are a person who will work on the cars and bikes in your home then obviously you need some bright lights. If you are planning to use them as parking spaces, then you can go with fewer bright lights. Here are some of garage lighting ideas that might help you.

Proceed with what you have

There are a few times when you need to go with what you have. Ideas like using fluorescent tubes may be most advantageous at times. It is because they can effectively light your garage in the most efficient ways.  One of the biggest advantages of using them is that they show the true color of the paints and stains. The number of lights that will be used depends on the size of the garage.

Compact Fluorescent lights

If you think that using conventional fluorescent tubes is very bright for you, then the ideal alternative is the compact fluorescent lights. These lights are comparatively very small and give an adequate amount of brightness that is required. One more reason to use the CFL is that they are energy efficient and last much longer. Using these lights transforms the entire feel of the garage.

LED Strips

For people who really don’t have much of a work in the garage, but still need to have something to serve the purpose, the best choice would be LED strips. These LED strips are very cheap and reliable. If you are you are planning to use the garage as a living space, the LED stripes will be very much suitable. It provides a more casual ambiance and hence the garage could be a perfect spot for people to hang out.

Natural Lights

When people think about lighting the garage, they put in a lot of thought into it. They are really confused about what they should use to get the proper lighting. But they really forget to capitalize on the natural light that is available. For that, the garage should be planned in such a way that a lot of sunlight should come inside. Constructing the garage in such a way not only allows the sunlight to come in, but also give space for air circulation. Positioning the windows in the path of the cross breeze help you to achieve this easily.